The Reluctant Heiress

Stuffy heiress.

Spoiled snob.

Party girl.

Rich b*tch.

I’ve been called a lot of names in my short time on this earth, but I like to think I have thick skin. I keep my head down, ignore the tabloids, and devote my time to worthy causes. But no matter how much good I do, nothing and no one can fill the void in my heart. Because that’s what a void is—a bottomless hole of nothing.

Only one man has come close to scaling down the dark walls of my deepest self. But we were doomed from the start. Thrown together by circumstance, torn apart by uncertainty and fear. I wish I could erase the mark he left on me.

My dark prince.

My forbidden desire.

Sebastian Bellizzi.

My brother’s best friend.



The Reluctant Heiress is a companion novella.
Although it can be read as a standalone,
it includes characters and spoilers from
The Reluctant Socialite. 



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