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The Reluctant Socialite

All I want is to survive him.rscover16a
All he wants is everything.

It’s been two years since my horrendous, soap-opera worthy split from my ex-fiancé, and I’m finally ready to give love another shot. I think. Maybe.

What I’m not ready for is Alexander Hughes, billionaire bachelor playboy with more charisma in one pinkie than my ex possessed in full. For some reason beyond logic, Alex is determined to have me. And not just my body, either. He wants to dissemble a lifetime of carefully constructed armor and shine light on what’s beneath. My soft underbelly. My deepest secrets. My frightened heart.

No thanks.

Despite my wishes, fate is determined to put us on a collision course. Dominant, demanding, and disarmingly kind, Alex is an emotional hurricane I can’t outrun. All I can do is try.

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Praise for The Reluctant Socialite

“This was book was such a good surprise…it was fantastic…”  – Amazon Reviewer

“I absolutely loved this book! Very well written and emotionally engaging – the characters were strong and realistic….and truly had depth.” – Vannessa, Amazon

“This is truly one of best books I read in a while so refreshing and different… One of those books you stay up all night reading!”  – Annie08, Amazon

“Loved this book… Looking forward to more books from this author.”  Whitney, Goodreads

“Just read this book and was with no expectations,got surprised in a good way. It’s one of those you wish you hadn’t read so you could start again.”  Ani, Goodreads


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