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Hello there, beautiful!

Ugh, I suck. I haven’t blogged in months. Truth is, I’m a hoarder of words. When I’m working on a novel, blogging falls by the wayside. Can’t talk about real shit when make-believe is renting all the space in my head!

So here’s an update on my writer-life (not to be confused with mommy-life, wife-life, or work-life):

Early this year I completed The Muse, which will be released Sept 1st. I’m really excited to share this (sort of) taboo story of a graduate student and her professor. I think you’ll adore Iris and James. They sparkle for each other.

After finishing The Muse in late January, I got a wild hair. And I mean WILD. A story idea progressed from tadpole to leviathan in weeks. It poured out of me, day after day, like I was exercising a demon. Apropos, actually.

First let me say that I’ve always been a rabid fan of dark romance, but for a long time felt like I didn’t have anything to offer the genre. But if you’ve read a few of my novels, you know how much I enjoy taking common romance tropes, chopping them up, and throwing them in the blender.

What happened when I tossed the Irish mob, identical twins, and BDSM in a blender? Some crazy-ass shit, AKA Double Vision.

DV is seriously twisted. There will be a trigger warning. There will be times you want to throw your tablet at a wall. You will probably hate me a little. But I promise it will be worth it in the end.

My other projects at the moment: Perfect Vision (a standalone companion to DV), The Reluctant Heiress (standalone companion to RS), and Gravity.



♥︎ I’m really feeling this quote right here. ♥︎


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