Remembering to Breathe:

Today is one of those days. Beautiful. Soft. Painful. Poignant.

A few months ago, I started meditating. I’ve wanted to have a meditation practice for years, but I think I got caught up in what it “looked like.” I wanted to add meditation-guru to the list of my skills. Like it meant something. Like mindfulness doesn’t laugh at the ego.

But I digress. A weird thing happened when I stopped trying to meditate to look good. I actually meditated. No, it’s not turning off your brain, or chanting “Om” on a loop, although I’m sure both options work for people.

What do I do?

I breathe.

That’s it.

And let me tell you, 2016 has been a shitstorm of FEELINGS. So many feels that more than once, I’ve wanted to pack the car and disappear. For a day. A few hours. A year. But whenever I try to run away, this happens:


Artist: Sandro Giordano

So instead of falling on my face, I just breathe. Breathe through pain. Breathe through the grief. Through sorrow, happiness, laughter, exhaustion, anxiety, fear, faith, freedom…



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